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Selling a company is a significant undertaking that requires careful consideration and planning. We help you to consider all important factors to achieve a BETTER PRICE and a SMOOTHER PROCESS!

How can we help with our expertise ?

Economic behavior is essential when running a business. ‘Saving’ money in a M&A transaction often result in a far more expensive backlash when it is ‘saved’ at the wrong places. Investors have become more critical and demanding, prepare yourself, let’s create transparency!


Together with you we plan the sale/exit process, the finance round respectively. What do you want to achieve? How do you get there? Who do you need for this?


We will assist in preparing and structuring of your documentation so that you meet all potential information requests, financially, legally, tax wise, etc. We will help you to set up and maintain a professional appearing data room.

Business planning and valuation

An integrated and robust business plan is key in any corporate transaction. We will challenge you plan. You don't have one? No worries, we will guide you through. Now you are in a position to determine a first indication of your enterprise value.

The Due Diligence

This phase is a very critical time. Why? It will take a toll on your entire business and on you and your management. We will prepare you and your team. Train you and your team in answering Q&A, to shine in management sessions and expert meetings.


You have so many other questions around such a process, how to cope with it and how to get the best out of it? We will advise you before, during and after a corporate transaction. For you it might be a once in a lifetime event, for us it's been our daily business for decades, you can trust us!

Our services

With our broad and in depth experience we will support you through the entire M&A world

You don't need someone who tells you how to prepare you need actual execution

Open questions arise while doing. If you don't do it yourself you might miss important pieces. We are the helping hand that you desire in a corporate transaction. You and your people are already stretched in a corporate sales-process, no need for another party to tell what else needs to be done. We identify, align and ultimately execute. Sounds simple, right?

You need strategic guidance, not only fragmented advice

A corporate transaction, i.e. financing, acquiring or selling a company, is a complex endeavor. Of course, you need specialists for single artifacts, especially on the tax and legal side, but who holds the umbrella, who supports you in steering the specialists into the right direction for your ultimate benefit? Let us show you how we are of help!

You want to identify glitches in your business plan and eliminate them

A coherent and robust business plan is key to underline your purchase price expectations. Every question mark to it will dilute your negotiation power. What you need is someone who challenges your assumptions and your story; get your well deserved applause later after cash receipt.

You want to get the best possible outturn of your corporate transaction

The leverage in a corporate transaction is usually higher than in your daily operations. This doesn't mean that you should waste money and receive poor return. Often entrepreneurs and even professional investors only recognize during a process that they should have sought for more support. Let us explain to you the effects of professional transaction support.

You simply want to buy another company or sell your own and need to know how

Let's forget about the previous factors for the time being. You are starting from scratch and want to understand the mechanics of a company sale, what does it mean, what do you ought to consider. We will be happy to guide you through, step by step, in your language until you really understand it

You want to get value for money!

Don't sacrifice quality for price: While it's important to find advice at an affordable budget, be wary of sacrificing quality for a lower price or simply buying a name. A cheaper option or assumed additional services may end up costing you more in the overall outcome. With us you are definitely getting senior experience at a fair price!

Your steps to a successful cooperation

Your request

You can use our contact form to give us your data and we will call you to arrange an appointment for a free strategy meeting as soon as possible.

Your preliminary talk

We will call you and check whether and how we can best help you.

Your strategy talk

Dirk Burmann will discuss with you your plans, your challenges in a 60-minute conversation and define actions together.

Our cooperation

After the strategy call, we would be happy to support you in your transaction

It‘s all about to be professional in all aspects:

My clients are brilliant in what they are doing, in what products and services they offer to the market. But one day there comes the time to think about what comes next, be it the well-deserved retirement, be it an exit to look after new opportunities. What should be going on in my head?
  • Are my books prepared?
  • Have I gathered all specialists that I need?
  • And most important: Am I myself prepared?

Decision making is never one-dimensional

Indeed, this graphs boils down all the different impact factors to just three. On the other hand, all the other aspects can represented by at least one of these angles.
No matter if it’s the successor search for one’s lifetime achievement or the kick off to start something new the price plays the most important role. When a sale is carried out as professionally as the company’s operation it is typically reflected positively in the price. With our guidance and advice a gain of 20% in average can be attained.

Purchase Price

Beside handing over your business in a smooth process it's the purchase price and any attached conditions that matter. Therefore, every decision needs to be justified in light of its effect on the price tag.


Higher prices are often bought by accepting higher risks. It's no secret that the risk/reward ratio must be balanced. However, some risks are more likely and manageable than the others.


Somehow, it's the biggest challenge, keeping every single aspect and effect in their reciprocity under one hat. Time pressure to keep the momentum in such a process adds another level of complexity.

Like almost everything in life, the price is only one side of the coin. The final sale and purchase agreement usually mirrors the complexity of the transaction. You take something, you give something. You make representations, you get more money; you accept more guarantees, you get more money; you receive part of the price later dependent on conditions, you get overall more money. We discuss with you the pros and cons, the risks and rewards so that your personal pendulum swings upwards.
Not to forget, your business continues, with its own entanglements and as such interfering the sales process. It is therefore even more advisable to be supported by a dedicated resource that ensures that you stay on your trajectory in all matters. The comprehensive view of your transaction advisor on the sales project caters for a positive outcome, with manageable risks and a more than satisfactory purchase price. Let’s create transparency!

About me

Dirk Burmann

I have been in the finance arena for more than 25 years.

During my career, I have been able to gather extensive expertise in corporate transactions, be it financing, be it acquiring and selling businesses up to financially restructuring organizations.

I am a trained banker, graduated economist and I successfully completed the US CPA (Certified Public Accountant) exam.

As a management consultant with a Big4 accounting firm I have many years of experience in leading national and international due diligence projects.

I also know the challenges in managerial positions, had I to cope with corporate transactions in my positions as Head of Finance and Head of Fund Management, Controlling and Risk Management, too.

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